How Can I Purchase Products on Overclothing.com?

You can buy products using Overclothing.com site by following these 3, quick steps:
1. Navigate on the product page, click on the size you find the most suitable, and click the button “ADD TO BAG”.
2. Check out your online cart by clicking on the “Bag” option in the top right corner. By doing this step, you’ll be able to see a list of products you ordered.
3. Click the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button to onto the page that requires you to provide personal data before making the payment.

From that point on, all you have to do is provide your personal information, connect to your PayPal account, and you’re done. It’s that simple!

If you are having trouble purchasing a product, feel free to send us an email to hello@overclothing.com, explaining the issue. We will get to the bottom of the problem, and help you make a purchase.

What If I Change My Mind and Wish to Cancel My Order?

Well, if you added a product to the bag, you can just remove it from the list, by clicking on the “Bag” option in the top right corner, and removing the product by clicking on the option “Remove”.

If you already purchased the product, and wish to cancel the order, send us an email at hello@overclothing.com in no more than 60 minutes since the confirmation email has been delivered to your inbox. In the body of the email, explain that you want to cancel the order, and mention order number. We will do anything in our power to stop your order from shipping. Keep in mind that we can’t cancel the order if it has already been shipped.

Where Do You Ship to?

Anywhere in the world!

When Can I Expect My Order to Be Delivered?

When it comes to shipping, OVER LLC has partnered up with DExpress, a courier service, to ensure that orders will be delivered safely anywhere in the world.

All orders are processed and shipped up to two working days since the moment the order was placed (and the payment has been received). For example, if you place an order on Friday or during the weekend, the Products will be sent by Tuesday. We don’t ship on national holidays or any other day that DExpress, our partner, considers being a holiday or non-working day.

DExpress offer next day delivery option which implies that it the order should be at your door one day after it has been sent. Keep in mind that shipping rates vary based on the shipping location, as well as based on the number and the type of products you purchased (weight and size).

When the package is delivered to your door, be sure to keep the receipt and the paper you get from courier service, just in case you want to return the product or issue a refund.

Can I Return the Product?

Sure! We will accept the return gladly if the product doesn’t fit you, if it has not been manufactured properly, if you don’t like the product and wish to return it.

You can return it 14 working days after the package has been delivered to your door. Before returning it, be sure to send us an email to hello@overclothing.com three days upon the delivery date, mentioning that you would like to return your order. Once we accept your request, you’ll receive a confirmation email that the return/refund is accepted. Since the moment you receive such an email, you have 14 working days to return the package.

If you decide to return the product, you must do it using the original packaging, which is placed in a new one, with no damages or signs that the product has been used. If the product is returned in any different state, we will not be able to issue a refund. Also, when returning the order, you are handling the shipping costs. However, if you decide to return a product because of a mistake we made (we sent you the wrong product, it’s not the right size or similar), we are responsible for the shipping costs.

All returns must be addressed to:
Miroslava Antića 2
21000 Novi Sad

Keep in mind that we are not obligated to replace the items that have been damaged from use, that are torn, stretched or stained, or the ones that do not contain a hang tag. All products must be returned in the condition they were shipped, with the package case intact.

If the product you ordered is out of stock, we will offer you a coupon code, or any other product that is within the same price range as the item that is the subject of the return.

Products that are damaged in transport are the responsibility of the courier service, DExpress. OVER will not be held responsible for such misconduct of the Products.

How Do I Pay for the Products?

There’s only one payment method available 一 via PayPal.

How Can I Know for Sure Which Size Fits Me the Best?

If you are not sure which size you should get, all you need to do is click on the product page, and choose the option “SIZE CHART”. When looking at a size chart, we advise you to compare the measurements of the product with the clothing pieces you already own, so you know for sure whether the product will fit you or not.

How Can I Get a Coupon Code?

Most commonly, users get a coupon once they subscribe to our newsletter 一 they get 10% off their first purchases. However, we suggest you follow OVER on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter 一 we like to surprise our followers with coupon codes from time to time, as well. Also, we share all the latest news about collections, restocks, and sales on FB, IG, and TW.

How Can I Use a Coupon Code?

Well, once you decide to buy a product (or products), add it/them to the bag. All you need to do is click on the “Bag” option, in the top right corner, and the list of the products you wish to buy will appear. Below this list, you’ll see a field “DISCOUNT CODE”. All you need to do is enter the code, and click the “APPLY” button. After that, click the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button and continue purchasing the discounted products.

Can I Use a Coupon Code to Buy Products That Are on Sale?

Nope. The coupon only works for products that are not on sale.

How Can I Know for Sure When the New Collection Is Going to Be Launched or Whether There Is Going to Be a Restock?

Information about new collections, sales and restocks are most commonly published on OVER Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles and pages. Also, you can get all the information delivered right to your inbox 一 you can subscribe to our newsletter (and get 10% off your first purchase).

Can I Purchase Products By Sending a Message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

Nope. You can only purchase the products using Overclothing.com website. However, you can drop us any question on social media 一 we are more than happy to help!

Is There a Place Where I Can Try on the Clothing Pieces?

If you happen to be in Serbia, you can visit our studio in Miroslava Antića 2, Startit Centar, Novi Sad. Our working hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I Purchased the Product(s), but I Haven’t Gotten a Confirmation Email Yet. What’s Going on?

Nothing to worry about. In some, extremely rare, cases, you may not get a confirmation email. The reason is usually a technical issue (e.g., there are a lot of orders, so the server that sends the emails sends them with a bit of delay). Just to be sure, you can send us an email to hello@overclothing.com, and we’ll let you know whether your order has been received or not.

Before you send us an email, check Spam folder, perhaps the email winded up in there.